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Morphosis "Dark Myths Of Phoenicia" Produced by Rabih Beaini.
Doser 010 limited pre-release issue.
Hieroglyphic Being "The bathroom sessions select" Produced by Hieroglyphic being.

Odeon-mastering is a dedicated CD mastering facility in Thessaloniki, Greece. We are dedicated in providing high quality CD mastering and sound restoration services to record labels, as well as independent artists. The combination of our extremely revealing monitoring system, the finely tuned acoustically treated room, as well as our collection of Class A , state-of-the-art, analog outboard gear and high quality digital processors, guarantees that the full potential of your project will be reached. We have the experience, the technical knowledge and the dedication to take your production to a higher level, to give your recordings that final touch it deserves and undust it, in order to reveal all its magic. Whether you choose to attend the mastering session in person, or send us your project by post, or via our secure ftp server, we will give each individual recording the care and experience it deserves. Most of all you will not have to pay anything before you can evaluate the quality of our work and you totally agree with the outcome .